Winter Wonder - Images from Yellowstone in Winter 2024

Winter Wonder - Images from Yellowstone in Winter 2024

I am thrilled to unveil my newest photographic journey, encapsulated in a carefully curated PDF portfolio. This digital presentation is crafted to mirror the experience of leafing through an elegant coffee table book. Each image is displayed in a manner that truly honors my artistic vision, inviting you to immerse yourself in a visual narrative. I encourage you to explore this collection at a leisurely pace, allowing it to be a serene retreat from the rapid, often overwhelming stream of images on social media. For the full impact, I recommend viewing it on a larger screen, where the details can truly come to life, rather than the limited expanse of your phone.

This month marked our annual pilgrimage to the breathtaking expanses of Yellowstone National Park, a tradition that has become a highlight of my year. Winter, with its unique charm, transforms the park into a realm of ethereal beauty. The landscape, stripped to its elemental beauty, becomes a canvas of simplicity and splendor. Thermal features, shrouded in steam, seem to roar with a fiercer intensity against the crisp winter air. The wildlife, set against the stark white snow, become not only more visible but also tell a vivid story through their tracks.

Despite the unusually scant snowpack this year, our adventure was graced with extraordinary weather conditions and remarkable encounters with wildlife. Our stay in the yurts at Canyon Village was, as always, an unparalleled experience, leaving us yearning for our return next year.

Your thoughts and reactions to this collection would be greatly appreciated. I treasure your feedback and look forward to hearing your perspectives.

Warm regards,

I encourage you to slow down, have a glass of wine, and lose yourself in the peaceful serenity of Yellowstone in the winter.

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I would like to thank Brooks Jensen for the encouragement to release my images as a cohesive portfolio in PDF format. Brooks has been releasing images in this format longer than anyone, he even offers a PDF publishing workshop if you would like to do this yourself. I personally use Affinity Publisher to create my PDF's, which is extremely easy to use and affordable.
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